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Christmas lights in Ottawa

Celebrate the Festive Season with Us!!

This will not be your usual holiday!  But we have a fabulous festive package for you complete with everything you need to celebrate, minus the prezzies.

The festive lights of Ottawa and holiday cheer is all around the Carleton Suite Hotel.  Check out the many things going on in Ottawa this holiday season on our Holiday Page here!


Downtown Ottawa Extended Stay Suite Hotel & Residences

It's Still On Us - Book a 2-night getaway and get $100 off your stay with us!

It’s Still On Us!!

Book a 2-night getaway in Ottawa this year and get $100 off your stay, on us!




Ottawa Rental of One Bedroom Suite

Need a temporary home??

Ottawa’s real estate market is hot, hot, hot!   There are a number of folks between homes.  You either sold one and the new home is not yet ready, or you just bought your first home and it is not yet ready for moving in.  We have a solution for you!



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